Sustainability starts from the bottom

A wide range of cloud services to improve the environmental and social sustainability conditions of cities, businesses and citizens, based on the Internet of Things.


A digital revolution for sustainability

QCumber’s offer is divided into two levels: a platform and various vertical software products, aimed at specific people and specialized in the management of particular needs. Both the platform and the products have the same approach: the aim is to provide the city, business or citizen with the tools for measuring and communicating, and more importantly, to direct them towards highly sustainable products and services.


1 platform, 6 products and a better environment

QCumber is the first platform supporting decisions capable of directly involving businesses, public administration and citizens, online, in collaboratively promoting sustainability, based on IOT, Machine Learning, and using crowd data. It is the most suitable service for special projects. It is suited to the highest level of customization and the best use of the potential of algorithms.

QCumber is also a suite of products designed for specific people.

  • QCumberCity, a dashboard for smart planning and sustainable development of cities.

  • QCumberBusiness, a system to measure, manage and communicate the social and environmental impact of businesses.

  • QCumberPeople, a service through which citizens can be informed of, contribute to, and improve sustainability in a community.

  • QCumberProfessional is a tool – ideal for consultants – to identify, analyze and assess direct and indirect, specific and cumulative impacts.

  • QCumberPlaces, is a tool for environmental, social and economic governance.

  • QCumberHome, is an application to understand and optimize environmental balance in the home.

Improve sustainability!

Contact us and tell us about your activities, your objectives, the advantages you wish to reach and the difficulties you have encountered. We will suggest the best solution for your problem.

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